Accounting Services

Your business can’t grow in a vacuum.

Is your accountant providing you with the real time data you need to grow?

Everyone knows that a business needs good accounting services, but do you find yourself wondering:

  • How can my accounting help me make better decisions?
  • Can you help me simplify my bookkeeping?
  • What software should I be using? 

At Bland Garvey, we believe that the better your tools, systems, and information are,
the better your business decisions will be.

Proactive Accounting for Every Aspect of Your Business

At Bland Garvey we focus on business financials so you can focus on patient outcomes.

Proactive Accounting for Every Aspect of Your Business

At Bland Garvey we focus on business financials so you can focus on patient outcomes.

We provide critical accounting services

Accounting touches every aspect of your business and is therefore a critical aspect of every business – including yours. 

We prevent surprises

We aren’t afraid to have the tough conversations. We talk about things early so you can have confidence in your business and personal financials. 

We pro-actively plan

We don’t wait for you to initiate the conversation, we go looking for ways to use real time data to grow your business! 

We take your accounting seriously knowing the difference it will make for you and your business.

Financial Statements

We provide financial statement preparation as part of our accounting services. Our team ensures accuracy and compliance with accounting standards to enable informed business decisions.


Our skilled bookkeepers maintain precise and accurate financial records, organizing every transaction. Effective financial management depends on timely data, and we’re committed to providing top-quality service to our clients.

Cashflow & Budget Analysis

We offer cashflow and budget analysis to help you effectively manage your business’s finances. Our team analyzes data to provide reliable projections, helping our clients budget strategically and achieve their goals.

Accounting Services for North Texas Businesses & Beyond

From software to bookkeeping to budgeting – we have you covered!

  • Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Quickbooks & Xero Setup & Assistance
  • Debt & Financing Management
  • Budgeting

What Better Service Means To Us

Switching accountants should mean getting a better experience!

We are your problem solvers

We work best with people who want to have a relationship with us – a relationship build on trust and solid financial advice.

We work for you as a team

It’s frustrating to cycle through different accountants. That’s why we take a team approach: not only will you have the collective knowledge of your team, but you will have consistency even if a member of the team changes. 

We help you take advantage of opportunities

We are not only interested in helping you reduce risk and potential liabilities, we want to help you take advantage of new opportunities without any surprises about the financial implications! 

Bland Garvey PC specializes in helping business and medical professionals like you accomplish their accounting goals.

Here they are in their own words:

When you are in uncharted water, do you have someone to pick up the phone?

We are here when you need us, not only when we need something from you.

We teach you how to do it
We work with you to do it
We provide full, white-glove accounting services

6 Tips to Safeguard Against Tough Times In Your Business

Life is unpredictable, and you never know what can come up in your business and personal life. However, you can take advantage of these 6 high-impact tips we share with our clients to safeguard their finances and be prepared to tackle uncertainty.

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