Business Advisory Consulting

Who is helping you succeed in business?

The demands of running a business can be intense and lonely. Often what you need most is someone who simply listens and helps you think through your financial strategy.

The success of your business rests on your shoulders and often there are challenges you are thinking about that can’t go to your team. Asking these questions on your own can leave you paralyzed:

  • When should I hire a CFO or Controller
  • How do I know I’m working with the best data to run my business?
  • Is there an objective way to know if I’m succeeding?

At Bland Garvey, we have helped businesses like yours be financially healthy for over 50 years. In other words, we’ve considered many of the same questions you might have about your business. Our real-world experience combined with our financial knowledge means we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to guide you through the next stage of growth.

Expect More When Working with Bland Garvey

When you own a business there are new, exciting challenges around every corner. At Bland Garvey, our business advisory services provide a sounding board for your venture at every stage of growth.

We plan together

Successful businesses have robust plans that set both short-term and long-term goals to get you started well and accomplish your dreams. 

We provide real-world experience

Growing a successful firm hasn’t been without challenges and we are ready to share the hard lessons we learned and our triumphs to help you build your business.

We have the skills & services you need

Sometimes you need a thinking partner as an advisor, but at other times, you need someone who will put the advice into action; we offer both

Outsourced CFO & Controller Services

Eventually, a business owner can’t wear every hat. Out-sourcing to an experienced financial advisor means you not only have less to do but you have an experienced financial strategist on your team.

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A provides great opportunities for growth but every single detail needs to be handled with care and diligence. Our team will guide you through every stage, from due diligence to integration, ensuring seamless transitions and maximizing value for your business.

Compensation Consulting

Competitive and fair compensation for employees means you can attract the best talent. We analyze, design, and implement compensation structures that foster employee satisfaction and drive organizational success.

Business Advisory Services for North Texas
Businesses & Beyond

When you work with Bland Garvey you get a trusted advisor who is invested in your business.

  • Outsourced CFO & Controller Services
  • Compensation Consulting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Medical Practice Consulting
  • Physician Income Guarantee Agreements
  • Projections & Forecasts
  • Benchmarking
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Cash Flow & Budget Analysis

What Better Service Means To Us

Switching firms should mean getting a better experience! 

We are your problem solvers

Our team works best with people who want to have a relationship with us – a relationship build on trust and solid financial advice.

We work for you as a team

As a business owner, the last thing you want is to wonder if you will be able to get advice when you need it. That’s why we take a team approach: not only will you have the collective knowledge of your team, but you will have consistency even if a member of the team changes. 

We help you take advantage of opportunities

We stay up-to-date for you. We help you take advantage of new opportunities and minimize surprises about the financial implications!

Your roadmap to a successful startup.

Getting started as a client is simple.

Schedule a Consult

We’ll listen to your needs and goals for the future so we have a clear understanding of what success means to you.

Receive a Customized Plan

Whether it’s long-term financial planning, business consulting, or tax and accounting, we’ll give you a straightforward plan in alignment with your goals.

Be Ready for What’s Next

As your business and personal assets grow, we will be right there with you, proactively looking out for your financial needs.

6 Tips to Safeguard Against Tough Times In Your Business

Life is unpredictable, and you never know what can come up in your business and personal life. However, you can take advantage of these 6 high-impact tips we share with our clients to safeguard their finances and be prepared to tackle uncertainty.

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