Financial Planning

If you are only thinking about your portfolio,
you’re thinking about financial planning all wrong.

The greatest risk to your retirement isn’t market volatility. It’s whether or not your plan can accomplish your goals.

Most people spend more time shopping for an appliance than planning for retirement. So when they finally start to think about it, they wonder:

  • Is it too late to start saving to reach my goals?
  • Will I be able to maintain my standard of living into retirement?
  • How will I deal with unforeseen circumstances

Your freedom in retirement is based on more than numbers. At Bland Garvey, we start by exploring your hopes and dreams. It’s only then that we set goals and establish the plan to get you there.

Expect More When Working with Bland Garvey

We start with a life-map – not a risk assessment – and then build your plan from there.

We design the plan with your hopes in mind

When designing your wealth management strategy, we start at the end and work our way back to the present while keeping your values and dreams in mind.

We build the plan to fuel your dreams

Keeping the specifics of your life front and center, we will build an evidence-based plan to help you achieve your goals, adjusting it as needed.

We protect the plan – and your future

Nothing in life stays the same for long, so an effective plan must have built-in flexibility. Protecting your plan is as much about adapting to life as it is about planning ahead.

Retirement Planning

Our experienced wealth management advisors provide personalized strategies for retirement including savings, investments, taxes, and estate planning. All designed with your hopes and dreams at the center.

Tax Planning in Retirement

Do you know how to factor taxes into your retirement income? We work to create a plan that maintains your current standard of living while minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing financial stability.

Asset Protection Consulting

As we build the plan and while managing your portfolio, we advise you on the best means to safeguard your assets and mitigate risks now and into retirement.

Wealth Management for North Texas
Businesses & Beyond

From strategy and portfolio management, we have you covered as you plan for your future retirement.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Goal Planning
  • Income Planning
  • Cash Flow
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Education Planning (529 Plans)
  • Charitable Giving
  • Asset Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Social Security Planning
  • Budgeting

What Better Service Means To Us

Switching wealth advisors should mean getting a better experience!

We are your problem solvers

We work best with people who want to have a relationship with us – a relationship build on trust and solid financial advice.

We work for you as a team

We take a team approach with all our clients: not only will you have the collective knowledge of your team, but you will have consistency even if a member of the team changes. 

We help you take advantage of opportunities

We are not only interested in helping you reduce risk and potential liabilities, we want to help you take advantage of new opportunities without any surprises about the financial implications! 

Your roadmap to a confident retirement.

Schedule a Consult

We’ll listen to your needs and goals for the future so we have a clear understanding of what success means to you.

Receive a Customized Plan

Whether it’s long-term financial planning, business consulting, or tax and accounting, we’ll give you a straightforward plan in alignment with your goals.

Be Ready for What’s Next

As your business and personal assets grow, we will be right there with you, proactively looking out for your financial needs.