2022 – 04/20

Physicians who received more than $10,000 from the federal COVID-19 Provider Relief Fund (PRF) and missed the reporting deadlines now have until April 22, 2022 to request to report late.

Providers who experienced one or more extenuating circumstances that prevented them from submitting a completed PRF Report in Reporting Periods 1 and/or 2 by the deadline, have the opportunity to submit a request to report late.

Extenuating circumstances include:

  • Severe illness or death
  • Impacted by natural disaster
  • Lack of receipt of reporting communication
  • Failure to click “Submit”
  • Internal miscommunication error
  • Incomplete Targeted Distribution payments

Request to Report Late Due to Extenuating Circumstances Form

Providers who submit a request will be notified by HRSA if their request is approved or denied.

For more information or questions, click here or contact the HRSA Provider Support Line at (866) 569-3522.


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