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October 15th Deadline

  • October 14th, 2019

Heads up! Oct. 15 is an important deadline for taxpayers who live and work abroad, or have certain foreign financial accounts. Taxpayers abroad had until June 17 to file a 2018 individual tax return or request an automatic extension to file by Oct. 15. Requests must have been filed by June 17. Also, taxpayers with…

Setting up a Health Savings Account for your small business

  • October 14th, 2019

2019 – 10/14 Given the escalating cost of employee health care benefits, your business may be interested in providing some of these benefits through an employer-sponsored Health Savings Account (HSA). For eligible individuals, HSAs offer a tax-advantaged way to set aside funds (or have their employers do so) to meet future medical needs. Here are…

6 ways to ensure your marketing plan drives sales

  • October 14th, 2019

2019 – 10/14 Love and marriage,” goes the old song: “…You can’t have one without the other.” This also holds true for sales and marketing. Even the best of sales staffs will struggle if not supported by a well-researched and carefully executed marketing plan. Here are six ways to ensure your marketing plan is likely…

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