Tax laws are changing faster than ever before.

Is your accountant staying ahead of the game and keeping you informed?

Everyone wonders if they are paying more taxes than they are required to, but do you find yourself wondering:

  • Where can I find tax advice and not just someone to file a return?
  • How much better would my life be if my CPA provided a proactive approach to my business and personal taxes?
  • Where can I go for trust and estate planning?

At Bland Garvey, our proactive, team-based approach to managing your taxes means
you will stay informed and optimize your return year after year.

Expect More When Working with Bland Garvey

You won’t need to worry about staying up-to-date with changing tax laws. 
That’s what we do for you.

We minimize your taxes

We work to ensure you are not overpaying your taxes and are taking advantage of any incentives and plans that apply to your business. 

We prevent surprises

We aren’t afraid to have the tough conversations. We talk about things early so you can have confidence in your business and personal financials. 

We pro-actively plan

We don’t wait for you to initiate the conversation, we go looking for ways to optimize your returns and keep money in your pocket! 

Tax Planning

We think about your taxes long before it’s time to file. At Bland Garvey, our experienced CPAs specialize in estate, personal, business, and gift tax planning to minimize your tax burden and optimize your deductions.

Filing Tax Returns

We simplify the process of filing taxes. Whether you need personal, business, federal, local, property, international, or non-profit tax returns, we prioritize each client’s unique needs and goals for effective solutions.

IRS Representation

We won’t file your taxes and then disappear. If you’re one of the unlucky few, we’re here to represent you in an audit. Our CPAs can communicate effectively with the IRS on behalf of our clients.

Tax Services for North Texas Businesses & Beyond

From strategy and planning to filing your tax return and anything that comes after, we have you covered.

  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Estate & Trust Tax Returns
  • Gift Tax Returns
  • Nonprofit Tax Returns
  • Business Tax
  • Business & Personal Property Tax
  • International Tax
  • Sales Tax Returns
  • Individual Tax
  • Federal Tax Returns
  • State & Local Tax Returns
  • IRS Representation

What Better Service Means To Us

Switching accountants should mean getting a better experience!

We are your problem solvers

We work best with people who want to have a relationship with us – a relationship build on trust and solid financial advice.

We work for you as a team

It’s frustrating to cycle through different accountants. That’s why we take a team approach: not only will you have the collective knowledge of your team, but you will have consistency even if a member of the team changes. 

We help you take advantage of opportunities

We are not only interested in helping you reduce risk and potential liabilities, we want to help you take advantage of new opportunities without any surprises about the financial implications! 

Bland Garvey PC specializes in helping business and medical professionals like you accomplish their accounting goals.

Here they are in their own words:

Your Road Map to Financial Confidence

Getting started as a client is simple.

Schedule a Consult

We’ll listen to your needs and goals for the future so we have a clear understanding of what success means to you.

Receive a Customized Plan

Whether it’s taxes, business consulting, or long-term financial planning, we’ll give you a straightforward plan in alignment with your goals.

Be Ready for What’s Next

As your business and personal assets grow, we will be right there with you, proactively looking out for your financial needs.

6 Tips to Safeguard Against Tough Times In Your Business

Life is unpredictable, and you never know what can come up in your business and personal life. However, you can take advantage of these 6 high-impact tips we share with our clients to safeguard their finances and be prepared to tackle uncertainty.

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