2021 – 02/24 Bland Garvey knows that you have questions. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to guide you.

Who Qualifies?
Victims of the month’s winter storms in Texas. The IRS is providing relief to the entire state of Texas. But taxpayers in other states impacted by these winter storms may receive similar FEMA disaster declarations and will automatically receive the same relief. Click here for a list of eligible localities.

What qualifies and when do I file my tax return and pay taxes?
The deadline is June 15th. This affects the following:

  • 2020 Federal Tax Returns normally due April 15th and various business returns due March 15th
  • 2020 Federal Tax Payments
  • 2021 First Quarter Estimated Tax Payments
  • 2021 First Quarter Payroll and Excise Tax Returns

The deadline extension is automatic and no forms need to be completed.

Do I file a return now?
Bland Garvey continues to support our clients and prepare tax returns. We will evaluate each return and recommend one of the following:

  • File the return if a refund is owed
  • Defer filing a return if payment is due
  • Defer filing if more time is needed to gather information for accurate filing

Do I send in tax information to Bland Garvey?
You are encouraged to send your tax information electronically.

  • Scanned data can be sent to members of the firm by using the “Send Me Files Securely” link in their email signatures or via our Client Portal
  • Please do not take photos of sensitive data and text to us

Contact us if you have any questions.

Read more on IRS disaster assistance and emergency relief.

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